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3 Reasons Why You Need a Website

It seems like a silly question these days, so many years into the Age Of The Internet. Why do I need a website? It surprises me how many times I go to the internet in search of more information about a business and I come up empty. How are these business surviving without having a presence online? How do their customers even know they exist?

Maybe your business is doing just fine without a website. That’s fantastic! But it could always be doing BETTER. Here are three reasons why you should consider a website for your business.

1. Help Your Customers Give You Money.

Okay so it sounds weird, but there is some truth to this! I personally am a busy lady. I have three young children, a job, a house… I don’t always have time to get to a store. I would much prefer to sit at my computer in my pajamas and do my shopping. Yet I have had several experiences where I’ve WANTED to buy something online from a particular business and it wasn’t offered. So I either never purchased it or I went elsewhere. That’s lost business for that company and woo-boy, if they only knew what their lack of a website was doing for their bottom line.

2. Build an Information Hub.

You don’t have to be selling products directly online to benefit from a business website. Simply having important information online about your company is helpful! Often I’ll be looking for more information about a business- store hours, a menu for a restaurant, etc- and they don’t have a website so I have to call instead and did I mention the three young children who don’t like to let me make phone calls in peace? If ONLY those businesses had a website, my stress level would be much lower and I’d be a happy customer.

3. Project Professionalism.

My first thought when I realize a company doesn’t have a website? Well! They must not be very up to date on how to run a business these days! How old fashioned of them! It might not be fair to think that way, and a business can likely survive okay without existing on the internet. But a business can’t THRIVE without one anymore. Having a business presence online helps you to appear professional and serious about your work or product. If I’m searching for a company online and not having any luck, then I see a similar company during my search who has what I need? I’m very likely to go there instead. More lost business, all because of being absent on the web.

Get online. Now.

Being online doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars and hundreds man-hours on a website. With some good planning and a great project manager (hey! That’s me!), you can be up and running with something professional within a few weeks- AND within your budget. If you’re convinced you need a website and are ready to get started, contact me and I’ll share my ideas!

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