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new year, new goals

Happy New Year! As much as I do NOT like winter sometimes, I do enjoy January and the change of years. It’s like a clean slate, looking ahead to twelve whole months where I haven’t yet gotten behind on things! A chance to renew, reset, and refresh.

With that reset typically comes a list of goals and for the upcoming year. I have a list of personal goals I’d like to meet by the time 2014 comes to a close, but I’ve also made some plans for my professional life here at Inksplash.

1. Expand. I’m not planning to hire any employees just yet, but I am looking to partner with a few great people locally so I can offer additional services to my clients. There are areas in which I am NOT an expert and I’m completely fine admitting that! I’d love to be able to connect my clients with people who can provide them with features, services, and consultation on things they might need. And in turn, I hope to be able to make new client relationships of my own through my partners. I’ve already started the wheels in motion on this a little bit and I am so excited!

2. Organize. It doesn’t take long for files and documents to become a jumbled mess. My paper filing cabinet is in need of a good purge of old client files and notes I no longer need. So my paper shredder had better be prepared! I’m also in need of a new laptop before my current one finally gives up (preferably WAY before!) and once I replace it, I’ll need to go through my computer files and get things in order- some digital spring-cleaning!

3. Automate. The busier I am, the more I notice how much time I spend (waste) on paperwork. I’ve been using Freshbooks (affiliate link) for several years now and I absolutely love it. Before that I was using spreadsheets to manage my invoices and payments due and it was… well, it was a nightmare, frankly. Using an online accounting tool has made things so much easier for me, and I know there are features I’m not taking advantage of now that could make things even more pleasant to manage (because who likes paperwork? ugh)

4. Learn. Nearly every website I design makes me learn something new, even if it’s something small. Sometimes it’s a surprise, but a lot of projects I take on knowing that I’ll need to learn a new skill or technique, and I love that (even if it does make me a little anxious at first!). But outside of projects, there are a few areas where I’d love to strengthen my skills and become more confident, and I’m hoping to find the time to read and research a little bit.

Mostly though, I just want to continue enjoying my job and building useful, functional websites for my clients. I’m getting ready to start two new projects which is a great way to kick off the year. Here’s to a prosperous and busy 2014 for everyone!

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