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So! It’s been about a million years (or 8 months) since I wrote anything here. I’m happy to report it’s because my workload has been steady and my plate has been full! I do get frustrated at times that I don’t have enough mental energy to devote more time to writing helpful and thought-provoking blog posts, but when I realize it’s because my client work is filling my schedule, that makes me happy. Lots of new work coming in must mean I’m doing SOMETHING right!!??

While I have landed several new clients this year, a bulk of the work I’ve done in the past few months has been updates and changes for existing and past customers. So even if nothing is being added to my portfolio, I am usually hard at work helping my clients add new features to their websites, expand their online presence, and boost their business. Probably the biggest project of this year that wasn’t a completely new website was adding a full-featured e-commerce section to a site I designed two years ago for B.E.A.R. of PA. I also worked with a few new clients to make small changes to their current websites- new photos and graphics, social media integration, WordPress troubleshooting and support, and helping to put some finishing touches on WordPress themes before launching the new site.

Another large part of my business this year has been my blog design service. I am thrilled at how well Dress My Blog has been doing- I love designing blogs and being able to change gears from the more corporate/business-y projects is refreshing sometimes. I’ve designed and launched five new blogs since returning to work after maternity leave less than a year ago (two of them for the same client!) Here’s are some recently finished blogs:

Branching Out

Joy in Jackson’s Journey

Moving Company Reviews

Cooking with Crystal

And finally, two other non-blog, WordPress websites I completed recently: Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck and Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School.

Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck

Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School

Business is good, work is great, and I am still loving what I do. I’m working with two new clients right now on their websites- one is a brand new site and another is a redesign– and I’m also almost ready to launch another new blog design. Keep it coming! 🙂

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