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webby stuff found on the web: a round-up

I’d love to make more of an effort here at my blog. The problem is that there aren’t 87 hours in every day, (WHO DO I TALK TO ABOUT CHANGING THAT?) so my client work takes priority and my poor, neglected blog sits here, collecting dust. I have so much to say! Lots of great stuff to share! So I thought I’d do a round-up of great things I’ve found lately, related in some way to design or freelancing or maybe just something fun, and perhaps I’ll make this a regular type of post here.

So let’s go!

How are you still not blogging? – This blog post by Jessica at Doable Online Marketing really spoke to me, and was the push I needed to open up my WordPress and just WRITE. Too often I’ll think “I’m going to blog about that today!” and then I end up talking myself out of it: the subject is too complicated for a simple blog post, or what if I say something wrong and someone calls me out on it?, or nobody wants to read what I have to stay about THAT.  Hey, self: make it simpler with your blog post! And people make mistakes, it’s FINE, you’re human! And who cares if nobody wants to read it? Do you want to write it? THEN GO FOR IT.

Start Local (SEO That Is) – Local search explained and simplified.

We Propelle Blog – The entire site is fantastic, but I love the blog. I recently added it to my Feedly reader so I can keep up with new posts. It’s such a great resource for entrepreneurs and freelancers, especially women. Tips on improving and building your business, personal growth, life balance- lots of goodness in one place. Recommend.

FONTS! I love fonts. Here are a few lovely scripty ones to admire and covet (affiliate link alert!):






Los Spiro



Creative Market always has some great free downloads, too!


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