Inksplash Designs was established in 2004 as an independent web design shop serving Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

The Mission

Create nice-looking websites. Give my clients the tools they need to manage their online presence on their own. Build websites that add value to my clients’ businesses. Write good, sound HTML code. Have fun. Meet great people. Be a geek.

The Designer

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am a self-professed Web-Geek who has been creating websites since 1997. I’ve spent countless hours reading books and articles and tutorials on anything & everything web-related. And I have loved every minute of it. In 2004, I decided to make the leap into freelance designing and developing. Soon after, I worked as a web developer at a local design firm, and it wasn’t long before my freelance work picked up and I began focusing on my freelance clients full-time. (That’s my picture over there to the right. Hi!)

The Company

Right now, Inksplash Designs Headquarters is in my living room. Or at my desk. Or on the deck in the sunshine. Basically it’s anywhere my laptop can find a wireless connection. But that doesn’t mean your project will be treated with anything less than professionalism (just ask any one of my very happy customers!) Because I’m an independent designer, I like to think I provide an extra dose of personal attention that you may have trouble finding at a larger design firm. And for a lot of websites? That’s exactly what is needed.

Hire me!

If I wasn’t getting paid to build websites, I guarantee I would do it anyway. I count myself extremely lucky to have found something I am so passionate and excited about- and get paid to do it. Each project is an adventure for me, and I strive to constantly keep learning as things change in the web-world, and I am always looking for new challenges and ideas. If you think I’d be a good match for your project, contact me and we’ll get things going!

Jennifer Lyker, Web Geek.

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My work

Want to see what my work looks like? Check out my web design portfolio to view recently published websites, logos, email newsletters, and more.

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