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Jennifer Lyker is a web designer, front-end coder, and WordPress developer who lives and works near Pittsburgh. She's a self-professed web-geek who has been creating websites since 1997.

When I first started tinkering around on the internet, before I called myself a "web designer", building websites was simple: I typed out a few HTML tags and BAM! I had a personal webpage on Geocities. It didn't take long for me to become hooked- I loved the combination of the technical and the creative. During my years studying biology at Grove City College, I spent my free time reading books, articles, and tutorials on anything and everything web-related. I began building websites for anybody who would let me- student organizations, college sports teams, even a company I worked for during a summer internship. After graduating, I worked in cancer research at the University of Pittsburgh, but several years into it, I found myself unfulfilled and wondering if I could turn my web design hobby into something more.

So, in 2004, Inksplash Designs was born.

Since then, I've worked with over 250 clients, designing, brainstorming, and delivering effective solutions for their businesses. I've transitioned from building basic, static HTML pages to developing dynamic, responsive, modern websites, always learning and adapting my skills as the internet- and how people use it- has changed.

My expertise is creating custom WordPress websites, and I also work with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and WooCommerce. I assist clients with their social media accounts, email newsletters, website hosting, maintaining and updating their website content. I'm also VERY enthusiastic about chocolate (maybe not relevant here, but I thought I'd mention it.)

Jen Lyker, Website Designer

Hi! I'm Jen. I'm not just a web designer. I'm also a wife, a mother of three kids, and a lover of binge-watching television shows.

My Mission

Create modern, stylish, useful websites. Give my clients a business solution- not just a website. Write good, sound HTML code. Empower my clients to use their website as a powerful tool for their business. Learn something new with each project. Challenge myself. Have fun. Meet great people. Be a geek.

Why hire me?

You are looking for someone to partner with for your business. You want a smart, cost-effective solution. You need a WordPress expert to help you get things running smoothly. A large design agency just isn't what you need. You want to work with someone who LOVES their job (that's me!)

Let's do this!