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About Me

Have a polished, professional website that works FOR you

so you can enjoy the freedom to grow your business & still have a life!

Hey! I'm Jen!

I'm a WordPress website designer, developer, and strategist.

I started Inksplash Designs because I wanted exactly what you want: FREEDOM. I was in a career that wasn’t a perfect fit for the life I envisioned my husband and I having together – flexibility to spend time with our kids while they’re little, personal fulfillment, and control over my future.

Fast forward 15+ years, and I’ve helped hundreds of business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs build a web presence so they can land their ideal clients, make more money, and reach their goals faster.

Maybe you don’t have the tech know-how (or patience of Sookie St. James waiting for a souffle to rise) to create a website that’s both pretty and powerful. Or maybe you’ve DIYed it before, but DIY has limitations. It also doesn’t help you through the confusing, tricky, icky parts.

That’s where I come in!

I create and design websites for busy business owners

who want a polished, professional, strategically-built website
that will encourage visitors to take action.

I'm also a featured author in the book

Twenty Won

Bonus: I am with you every step of the way.

I know how confusing and overwhelming the options are, so I make the process simple and straight-forward. Think guides and workbooks and plenty of support.

We’ll do this together in a collaborative process — after all, it’s YOUR business so you gotta have a say in your website! Don’t worry: I’ll help you where you’re stuck with the strategy, then I’ll take over for the tech.

How does this process work? And am I any good?

10 things to know

About Working With Me

We’ll start with a consult call – no charge! – to discuss the details about your project. If we decide we’d like to work together, you’ll receive your website onboarding packet. This has everything you’ll need to start planning your new website!

A custom website typically takes 6-8 weeks from kick-off to launch.

The first thing we’ll do together is work through planning your website pages. Then you’ll have a few weeks to write your content using my workbook & other helpful tools. Once I have all of your website copy, I’ll start building and designing your site. We’ll do a few rounds of edits and feedback, then get it launched!

Your site will have as many pages as you need, and you can always add more after the site is live! I’ll include a strategic site outline in your content workbook to get us started, created based on your business goals, audience profile, and site functionality. You can modify it as you see fit, but using this as a guide will help you get started.

Google Drive for the WIN. We’ll share a folder where you can upload files, communicate about tasks, and post feedback.

We’ll establish a timeline at the start of your project with some rough due dates and assignments. There will also be a task list in the shared Google Drive to keep us on schedule. Missing a deadline isn’t the end of the world (it happens!) but it may require shifting other goals down the road. Communication is key!

I use WordPress because it’s powerful, flexible, and allows me to create whatever site you want! The possibilities for functionality are pretty much endless! Whatever you dream up or need as your business grows, we can keep modifying your site to make it happen.

We’ll have a plan for email! I’ve encountered many different email scenarios with my clients, so I’ll make sure things don’t get broken when we launch your site.

The first step in SEO is keyword strategy, which involves detailed research and analysis of what people are searching for online and how they’re finding sites like yours. We’ll do that research for you and use the results to guide the content on your new website.

I’ll also make sure your site is found and indexed by the search engines once it goes live, and that it loads quickly. You’ll also have Google Analytics to tell you where people are coming from, how long they stay, and what pages they visit.


While we’re building your new site, it will “live” on my development server. Your current website can stay in place while we work on the new one. When it’s time, I’ll transfer your site to your new server and make sure nothing is broken after the move and clean things up so you’re moving into a spotless house. Typically the launch process takes a few hours and there may be a “Coming Soon” sign during this time (cue Dunder Mifflin’s stick figure sign!)

Post-launch support is SO important. You’ll receive a personalized training video that will teach how to use your new site so you can make updates and changes yourself. Don’t worry, we’ll have backups scheduled, so if something DOES go wrong, we can fix it!

I also offer ongoing maintenance packages that are like insurance for your new site, so you only need to worry about running your business and living your life!

After all, you spent time and money to create a beautiful online home. Don’t let it get trashed by ignoring things like WordPress software and plugin updates!

You have a vision and want to grow your business.

Let’s work together to design a site that looks gorgeous
and makes YOU look like the professional you really are!

On a personal note...

I’ve always been a creator: drawing, writing stories, pottery classes, and diving headfirst into home decor and design projects. I also became obsessed with computers after receiving my first laptop in college. So designing and building websites is the perfect job for the creative and techie parts of my brain. I’ve become a master at blending the artistic side of things with the geeky work of coding.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA, with three goofball kids and my husband of 18 years. I love chocolate, coffee, procrastinating on washing dishes, assembling IKEA furniture, listening to 90s music while I work, playing board games with my kids, and binge-watching (& re-watching) television shows (Gilmore Girls! Outlander! Ozark! Friends! The Office!)

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