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Latest on the Blog

Clean Up & Customize Your WordPress Dashboard In Less Than 30 Seconds

I’m on a continuous mission to keep my life organized – online in the digital world and in real life. Of course, in my offline life, I have 3 children who seem to have joined forces in their singular goal of MESSING UP ALL OF MY EFFORTS to keep things organized 🙈😂😭 But at least online, I can have more control and my kids can’t mess it all up. Which is GREAT because any time I log in… Keep reading »

4 Things I’m Super Tired of Seeing in WordPress Websites

Can I rant for a minute? It’s about something I’ve been seeing way too much lately… Unhappy, frustrated business owners who come to me, having been burned by a past website designer, left with a site that is lacking one or all of the things they need. They paid for a custom WordPress site, and they got it… sort of. There are lots of reasons for this, but NO EXCUSE. Hard-working business owners pay piles… Keep reading »

Get your dream website launched with a website content planner [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Website content continues to be one of the most challenging parts of any project I work on. The words on your website are incredibly important and can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your site! But it’s also HARD TO DO. My clients struggle with knowing what to say on their homepage, how to organize their site pages, or even where to begin. Writing isn’t in everyone’s zone of genius, so hiring a… Keep reading »

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