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Latest on the Blog

7 Mistakes You Might Make With Your WordPress Website Security

Keeping your WordPress website secure and running smoothly takes a bit of effort, but not taking care of your site puts it at risk for hacking or malware attacks. Here are a few things I have seen in my years of working with WordPress that can make your site vulnerable to performance and security issues: Ignoring plugin & core update notifications There are new versions coming out for plugins almost constantly – bug fixes, new… Keep reading »

3 Tools To Enhance Your Small Business Website

I create websites, and I use WordPress to do it. The WordPress plugin library is… well, it’s kind of overwhelming, to be quite honest! But when I find the perfect plugin or bit of code, I’m able to build the website my client needs to make their business run better. But there are a lot of non-WordPress tools that can add powerful functionality to your website, increase its effectiveness in converting visitors to leads or… Keep reading »

Clean Up & Customize Your WordPress Dashboard In Less Than 30 Seconds

I’m on a continuous mission to keep my life organized – online in the digital world and in real life. Of course, in my offline life, I have 3 children who seem to have joined forces in their singular goal of MESSING UP ALL OF MY EFFORTS to keep things organized 🙈😂😭 But at least online, I can have more control and my kids can’t mess it all up. Which is GREAT because any time I log in… Keep reading »

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