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How to shift your business from in-person to virtual & sell directly through your website

If you’re a business owner right now during the COVID-19 shutdown, things likely feel unstable, uncertain, and frankly, terrifying. Your business may have been branded as “non-essential” (and oof, that HURTS, right?) and you’ve been forced to halt operations. We don’t really know how long this will last. Some businesses will be able to open up again in a few weeks, others not yet, and most will be operating under strict guidelines and limited capabilities… Keep reading »

7 Mistakes You Might Make With Your WordPress Website Security

Keeping your WordPress website secure and running smoothly takes a bit of effort, but not taking care of your site puts it at risk for hacking or malware attacks. Here are a few things I have seen in my years of working with WordPress that can make your site vulnerable to performance and security issues: Ignoring plugin & core update notifications There are new versions coming out for plugins almost constantly – bug fixes, new… Keep reading »

3 Tools To Enhance Your Small Business Website

I create websites, and I use WordPress to do it. The WordPress plugin library is… well, it’s kind of overwhelming, to be quite honest! But when I find the perfect plugin or bit of code, I’m able to build the website my client needs to make their business run better. But there are a lot of non-WordPress tools that can add powerful functionality to your website, increase its effectiveness in converting visitors to leads or… Keep reading »

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