21 Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Business Resilience During a Global Crisis

In an unprecedented year, 21 women pivoted and persevered for success in 2021.

These strong, determined women had the drive to start (and re-start) their businesses, they kept their established businesses afloat, and they raised awareness and funds for their nonprofit organizations… all during the year of COVID-19. Though 2020 presented so many unknowns in the entrepreneurial space, so much good was achieved too. Twenty Won is an anthology of 21 female business owners and nonprofit leaders sharing stories of business resilience during the 2020 global crisis. It is a celebration of those achievements to inspire and empower you to triumph over your trials too!

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Praise for the book

“Due to the diversity of the authors, Twenty Won is a practical guide to successfully navigate business challenges in any industry. Even with years of business experience, I gleaned new insights and enjoyed the new perspective on old concepts, enjoying the emotion and lessons of every contributor. Throughout the book, what resonates with me the most is how each woman followed her passion and purpose to manifest her desires and create success on her own terms.”
– Stacy Raske, Bestselling author, podcast host, leadership mentor, and success coach

“Twenty Won serves as a reminder to listen, to lift each other up, and to celebrate successes big and small. This is not a dress rehearsal; there are no do overs. Live each day with vigor but also schedule time for feeding your soul, appreciating those around you, and caring for the shell that embodies you to perform monumental tasks.”
– Tina Winner, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Winner Partners

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Author Interview

Laying the Foundation for Business Success

Watch my interview with MJ Callaway where I share how I accidentally built a business that thrived during a wild and uncertain pandemic year!

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