Twenty Won Business Building Virtual Conference

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If you missed the live event, you can still get access to all the incredible insight and tips from the event held in October 2021!

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What people are saying...

“I’m picking up nuggets everywhere that are brand new thoughts to me. And I’m hearing validation about things I’ve thought are true in my gut, but I wondered if I was correct.”
– Lori Martin, Blogger, Relationship Expert, Hey Get A Room

“I would recommend this conference to any friend starting their own business, figuring out their path, or making tweaks to one they’ve already defined. It was a carefully organized, comprehensive stream of informative presentations in a digestible format. The perfect balance of personal and practical… so many passionate entrepreneurs sharing both the personal side and practical tips of their work. So many ideas to give catalyst to your own. Engaging, inspiring and welcoming of questions. Affordable. Actionable. REAL. So valuable, generous and well worth the kind price. Truly a gift!”
– Amy Hooper Hanna, AhHA! Coaching and Consulting

“The content in the workbook alone was worth the price of the conference – not to mention the digital package, full of valuable resources from all the speakers. Wow!”
– Conference Attendee

What's Twenty Won?

In the spring of 2021, I was part of the launch of the bestselling book Twenty Won, an anthology of 21 female business owners and nonprofit leaders sharing stories of business resilience during the 2020 global crisis. Order your copy here!

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