Clean Up & Customize Your WordPress Dashboard In Less Than 30 Seconds

I’m on a continuous mission to keep my life organized – online in the digital world and in real life.

Of course, in my offline life, I have 3 children who seem to have joined forces in their singular goal of MESSING UP ALL OF MY EFFORTS to keep things organized 🙈😂😭

But at least online, I can have more control and my kids can’t mess it all up. Which is GREAT because any time I log in to a WordPress dashboard for the first time, I get panicky. Look at this EYESORE!

So much unnecessary stuff! WordPress has some default widgets it will display here, but lots of plugins will also add widgets into the mix. It can get overloaded very quickly!

But good news: we can clean it up!

Did you know that you can turn off widgets on the WordPress dashboard? It’s such a handy feature, and I use it all the time. But something I realized recently is that when I turn widgets off on client sites, it only does it for me. When my clients log in, they still see all the original stuff.

Let’s clear the clutter & customize your WordPress Dashboard

Click the ‘Screen Options’ tab in the upper right corner of your Dashboard.

That will open up a menu where you can toggle off/on each of the widgets.

You can also drag and drop the remaining widgets you have to put them in a different order:

Look at how beautiful and clutter-free my WordPress Dashboard is now 😍 I only kept the super important stuff I like to see right away – my traffic stats at a glance, recent posts I’ve published, and some SEO data.

It might not seem like a huge deal, and it doesn’t take long to do, but if you’re like me? It will make your soul happy!

(Another fun tip: You can use the Screen Options button on almost every page in the WordPress admin to customize what’s available to you!)

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clean up your wordpress dashboard

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