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It can take more than just ‘hey sign up for my list!‘ to convince someone to hand over their email address to you. Personally, my email address is PRECIOUS. I have so much email coming through my inbox! And even though I know I can always unsubscribe from something, it still takes a lot to motivate me to sign up for a new email newsletter.

Creating an opt-in offer – a free bit of content or a discount – can help encourage visitors to your website to share their email and help you grow your list. (And do we even need to talk about the value of a good email list? Because it’s SO VALUABLE! Just trust!)

Curious where to start when putting together an opt-in offer?

1. Figure out what you’d like to share with your audience.

It should be something that holds value for your audience, above all. If it’s not valuable, people won’t go for it. Some different types of opt-ins:

  • a discount code
  • quick tutorial
  • downloadable checklist
  • access to a short video on a relevant topics
  • membership to a Facebook group
  • workbook or short e-book

No matter what you decide to offer, it should be helpful and it should fulfill a need in your audience.

2. Create the email opt-in offer content.

if it’s a discount code, simply create that in your system and you’re good to go.

For a downloadable checklist, workbook, or e-book, write your content and design the file (or hire a designer to do it for you). A PDF file is the best filetype for these kinds of things, as they are easy to view on different devices. You’ll be sharing a link to this file in an email to your new subscriber, so you can upload the file to your website or link to a Google doc so users can view it first, then save to their own drive.

If you’re sharing a video, record it then upload to your streaming service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) Remember that you want this content to be exclusive to members of your list, so make sure you have it hidden from searches on those sites.

3. Write your offer.

You’ll need to add a subscription form to your site with some engaging copy. Think of this as a mini sales page: target your visitor’s pain points and struggles and explain how your offer will help them. Give them a reason to share their email with you. Instead of a boring ‘Subscribe’ action on the button, make it more actionable – ‘Get it now!’ or ‘Yes, please!’ encourages more clicks.

Put your subscribe form on your homepage – preferably near the top if it makes sense. Including it in the footer of each page also helps get more eyeballs on it. A popup is also an option, but be careful with these – some visitors find them annoying and on some devices, they can be troublesome.

4. Integrate & automate!

You’ll want to build your email form and setup the automation that will send the email containing your free offer. How to do this varies depending on your service. MailChimp (affiliate) offers automation with its free accounts, which is a great way to get started and test the waters with your email list.

The ‘Welcome’ email that you send to your new subscribers should have a link to the offer you promised, but it’s also an opportunity to introduce yourself! Share a bit about yourself, your services or products, and encourage the reader to connect with you on social media.

5. Promote!

Not only should you target visitors to your website, but you can share your freebie with your social media audience. Post weekly about your offer to drive traffic to your sign up form! Regular traffic to your sign up forms will increase subscribers and help your email audience grow.

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