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We’ve learned a lot over the years, including helping our clients understand our strategy and process create a more seamless project and stress-free relationship.

Check out our FAQs below to learn more about how we work and as always, reach out with anything else you are still wondering.

We use WordPress because it’s powerful, flexible and allows us to create whatever site you want. The possibilities for functionality are pretty much endless! Whatever you need as your business grows, we can make it happen with small modifications to your site.

A custom website typically takes 6 to 8 weeks from kick-off to launch. The first thing we’ll do together is plan your pages. Then, you’ll have a few weeks to write your content using our Website Content Workbook & other helpful tools. Once we have all of your website copy, we’ll start designing and building your site. We’ll do a few rounds of edits and feedback; then get it launched!

We’ll establish a timeline with some rough due dates and assignments. There will also be a task list in the shared Google Drive to keep us on schedule. Missing a deadline isn’t the end of the world, (it happens!) but it may require shifting other goals down the road. Communication is key!

The first step in SEO is keyword strategy, which involves detailed research and analysis of what people are searching for online and how they’re finding sites like yours. We’ll do that research for you and use the results to guide the content on your new website.

We’ll also make sure your site is found and indexed by the search engines once it goes live. You’ll also have Google Analytics to tell you where people are coming from, how long they stay and what pages they visit.

Post-launch support is SO important. Inksplash offers ongoing maintenance packages — think of it like insurance for your new site. After all, you spent time and money to create a beautiful online home. Don’t let it get quickly outdated or broken by ignoring things like WordPress software and plugin updates.

Plus, you’ll receive a personalized training video to teach you how to use your new site so you can easily make updates and small changes yourself. Don’t worry, we’ll have backups scheduled for any mishaps. And, we’re always available for an hourly fee for more intense edits.

Ready to start creating your website?

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