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Shana Garrett

Shana Garrett

Counselor, Educator, Author

shana garrett, author, consultant, speaker

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Project Role & Scope


Dr. Shana Garrett is a FORCE. Inspiring & motivating, she brings a level of authenticity to everything she does.

Shana and her husband had been down a rough road with her website in the past, so I took special care to make sure that this time, things went well. She needed a website to do a few things: sell her book, promote and sell her coaching packages, share information about her speaking engagements, and provide inspirational and helpful content through her blog.

I created a custom site design based on her newly-created branding. After mapping out each section visually, I built a pixel-perfect WordPress theme to match. Then we added the e-commerce feature she needed to sell her book and coaching services.

Shana’s website not only has a brand new look, but it has the functionality and tech to help drive her business forward!


Shana Garrett styleboard
shana garrett wordpress website
shana garrett wordpress website

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