5 things you should have on your homepage

How to maximize that first impression on your website

Your homepage is typically the first thing visitors see on your website. It should grab their attention and direct them to your services or products. You also want to communicate your expertise so they’ll want to take that next step towards working with you, buying your product, or signing up for your course.

But how do you do that?

1. Have a strong homepage headline

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Your headline should be clear and simple, explaining what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it differently. The simpler the language, the more effective the message.

2. Include an explanation of how you can solve your website visitor’s problem(s)

This goes along with your headline. You want to grab your audience right away, making them understand that you can help them and their specific problem. You can elaborate on your visitor’s pain points and struggles, and then share how you can eliminate them with your amazing service/product/course/solution. A clear call-to-action (CTA) with each solution will direct your visitors to exactly where you want them to go next (contact form, shop page, etc)

3. Provide social proof of your awesome-ness

Testimonials from past customers help demonstrate your expertise and results and get new visitors excited about your offerings. Logos from industry groups and organizations are also great here! If you’ve been a guest on a podcast or another blog, share those links here. Celebrate yourself! Brag a little.

4. Build your email list with an opt-in form

Do you have an email list? (psst – you should start an email list!) Offering a free worksheet, checklist, or another downloadable goodie encourages people to hand over their email address to you. A quality email contact list is something that holds so much value for a business. You can use that info for future direct marketing and promotions.

Website footers are often a last-minute afterthought, but you can include so much great stuff here! Repeated or reorganized navigation, social media links, recent blog posts, or anything else you want to have shown throughout all the pages of your website.

Your homepage is typically the entry point for most of your website visitors, so make sure you’re maximizing that value!

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