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Angie Stumbo - Custom Author Website & WordPress Blog

Angie came to me looking for a designer to help her create a brand and a website to attract an audience for her book. Her writing is daring, honest, and inspiring, and she needed everything to reflect that.

Her main goal is to build an audience for her blog and email list so she can invite others to share in her personal journey.

The author website features email newsletter opt-ins, a custom WordPress blog, plus details about her book and how to purchase it. She also shares some fantastic resources for anyone looking to learn more about faith and the Bible. Her Instagram is so fun to follow - she posts beautiful photos with inspiring and through-provoking captions and scripture.

Angie was an absolute pleasure to work with and I just know she's going to do amazing things!


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"Wordpress seemed hard. Website design seemed hard. Email automation seemed hard. I loved being able to turn the "technical" end over to Jennifer so I could concentrate on what gives me joy - writing!

She knew what I was saying even with my rambling descriptions and language. She had the ability to boil all my words down to instructions when I wasn't able to do the same. She was patient with my creative tendency to love everything until I don't like it at all anymore.

There's a new beautiful website out there that is getting traffic. I expect it to grow into a business and expanded brand. I give Jen all the credit for the eye-pleasing interaction with my visitors."

Angie Stumbo, Author

Angie Stumbo,

Design & Branding

When I asked Angie to describe herself, she used words like "daring", "honest", "challenging". Right away, I had visions of rich purples and greens, paired with an energetic (not overly-feminine!) hand-written font. I included photos of books and adventurous outdoor spaces in the moodboard to tie together both sides of Angie's personality.



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