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Melanie works with women entrepreneurs who need guidance with setting financial goals and plans in order to grow their business. She had a website, but it was a mismatch for her brand and didn't have the functionality she needed.

Together we created an online space where she can share and sell her business consulting services & accountability sessions. Her audience can also purchase her book or sign up for one of her local events in Pittsburgh.

Because her own business is growing, we also wanted to leave room for future amazing ideas and services. Building everything in WordPress with WooCommerce gives us the flexibility to change and add new services and products to adapt as we go.

If you're a female business owner, definitely check out Melanie's blog and email list - a treasure trove of great advice and tips for anyone looking for help in their business!


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"As my business evolved, I felt it was important to evolve the website too. I love the look and feel of the new site. It was exactly what I was looking for! I already recommended you... I told them you were amazing and that they would be silly to not work with you!"

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