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Get my step-by-step workbook for writing & organizing your website content!

Get your dream website launched with a website content planner [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Website content continues to be one of the most challenging parts of any project I work on. The words on your website are incredibly important and can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your site! But it’s also HARD TO DO. My clients struggle with knowing what to say on their homepage, how to organize their site pages, or even where to begin.

Writing isn’t in everyone’s zone of genius, so hiring a professional copywriter for your site can solve a lot of this headache. A great website content writer can work MAGIC and produce fantastic, engaging copy for your audience. But outsourcing content isn’t always in the budget, so I needed to come up with a useful solution for my clients.

Introducing my

Do-It-Yourself Website Content Planner!

After years of struggling with how to help clients deliver their content to me, I’ve finally landed on a solution. And it WORKS.

I help my clients write website content that makes visitors excited to read, click, and buy from them.

I’ve created a content guide that I use for each of my custom website clients. I personalize it for every project, so that you can literally fill-in-the-blanks to get your content written. It’s your own unique website content template you can use to get from the dreaded Blinking Cursor Syndrome to completed website content with (hopefully!) minimal anguish and dread!

After our consultation call and strategy session, I’ll map out all of your website pages, including any special areas like e-commerce shops, portfolio or product galleries, or customized inquiry forms. Then I’ll provide you with specific tips and guidance on what to write on each page.

The website content planner will help you:

  • Get clear on your website goals, from the overall objectives to specific actions on each page.
  • Learn how to write for your audience so they’ll feel heard and understood.
  • Search for and gather fantastic photos for your site (visuals are important!)
  • Become familiar with how search engine optimization works so you’ll have a basic SEO foundation for your new site.

Since I’ve added this content planner to my website process, the projects run more smoothly, get done faster, and the resulting websites perform so much better!

Instead of spending hours going in circles, struggling to make decisions about what to include on your website, the content planner makes it simple. I’ve already done the strategy and organizing for you – you just have to fill in the page titles, write the copy based on the tips I provide, making the entire process a lot easier. It will also be faster, which means your website will launch sooner, which also means you can start bringing in new leads and making sales sooner!

I’m no longer waiting months for clients to send me their content, only to be provided with a few sentences that don’t engage the reader or explain the awesome products and services my clients are selling.

Get your own website content planner for free!

I’ve also created a more general, bare-bones option of my custom DIY website content planner that works for just about anyone who needs help getting their content done. It has all of the foundations and information that the custom website content template has, but it gives you room to tweak it for your own pages. If you need more than just a homepage and a sales page – not a problem! You can adapt the workbook to your own site plan and get that content handled so you can launch faster.

website planning toolkit & content workbook outline

Grab your own website content planner!

Download my Website Planning Toolkit and you’ll get the planner plus a bonus Website Foundations Guide! Both are packed with tons of tips for writing your content, boosting your search visibility, and getting your site ready to go.

Hey, I'm Jen! I’m a website designer and strategist with 15 years of experience building custom websites. I specialize in WordPress, offering design, planning and content strategy, search optimization, and advanced development (think customized e-commerce or membership websites!) More about me »

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