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Get my step-by-step workbook for writing & organizing your website content!

Website Content Planner

Introducing the

Website Content Planner

A simple do-it-yourself workbook for writing & organizing your website content

Is your crappy or non-existent website

keeping you from attracting clients and customers?

Imagine having a simple, easy-to-use website that will help your clients find exactly what they need without getting confused or frustrated.

It’s time to learn the simple steps for creating strategic, clear content and publishing a website that works!

Planning and writing compelling website content feels hard.

But it doesn’t need to BE hard.

There are lots of do-it-yourself tools and templates to help you with the design of your website, but you also need help with the content. When it comes to writing copy, it can feel like you’re just throwing words at a Google Doc, hoping something magical comes out.

You’re not alone! After working with over 200 website clients, I’ve learned that creating content is the #1 roadblock to finishing a website project.

Let's get organized and start writing effective and strategic content for your website!

With the content planner, you'll be able to:

website organizer and content workbook
Carmina McGee

"I have spent a ton of time seeking out websites

that I resonate with, thinking about how I want to tweak my message. Looking at them and incorporating the lens you have provided in the workbook is so helpful and will help keep me on track!”

I’ve been helping my clients build websites for over 15 years...

…and many of them have shared the same frustrations when it comes to writing their website content. Knowing how to craft copy that sells and isn’t just taking up space on the page takes experience and practice.

Over time, I’ve developed a simple, step-by-step workbook to help make the website content-writing process less painful and more productive. I use this exact workbook with my 1:1 website clients, and I’m excited to help you create a website that isn’t confusing or frustrating for your customers.

This website content planner will guide you through creating a website that sells & you can launch it with confidence!

content workbook screenshots

What's in the planner?

Family Bowlaway

"The content planning guide rocked!

It was easy to follow and very helpful when updating our team.”

A confusing (or incomplete!) website that customers can’t follow is doing you no good.

And when your website doesn’t share your sales message clearly, you’re losing money!

If ‘update website content’ has been at the top of your list for months and you still haven’t managed to make it happen, get the step-by-step planner that will help you build a website that works.

Stop staring at that blinking cursor

and get to crafting the perfect message for every page of your website!

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