Website Content Planning Workbook

Well structured. Well worded. Websites that work.

That’s what everyone hopes for, right?

Words that appear on your website and magically work to attract your ideal client or customer.

After designing custom WordPress websites for over 200 clients, we’ve learned a lack of website content planning support is the #1 roadblock to finishing a website project. So, naturally, we came up with a solution.

Introducing our exclusive Website Content Planning Workbook!

It’s chock full of advice, links, articles, resources, and great ideas. But it’s more. It’s a step-by-step workbook to help you map out the content you want on your site with easy fill-in-the-blank sections and self-prompting guides. And, it’s the same workbook we use as we guide clients in 1:1 sessions so we know it works. We’ve used it for years!

With the Website Content Planning Workbook you can:

Most importantly, have your website content planned and ready to add to your new website!

Website Content Planning Workbook
Testimonial Lynell Williams

I found the content workbook to be super helpful and it covered a lot of information- which I really appreciated! It helped me to organize my thoughts better. The Google Doc file was great for organizing all of my materials and it kept the process simple.

Lynell Williams, Mental Health Therapist

I have spent a ton of time seeking out websites I resonate with, thinking about how I want to tweak my message, where I can distill the key things I want to communicate. Looking at them and incorporating the lens you have provided in the workbook is so helpful and will help keep me on track, as well as guide me.

Carmina McGee, Nurse & Wellness Expert

Brittany Absher website testimonial

The Content Workbook was very helpful for finding a balance of keeping my own voice but selling myself at the same time.

Brittany Absher, Nutritionist & Blogger

What's in the planner?

Over 20 pages packed with tips, how-tos and fill-in-the-blank page templates so you’ll know exactly what to write to get your ideal message out to your specific customers.

Ready to get organized and prep powerful copy?

Download the Website Content Planning Workbook now for only $49!

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