I'm Jen, a WordPress web design & development expert.

I combine my techie, web-geek expertise with my creativity and visual design talents to create amazingly effective websites.

In the 13 years since I started Inksplash Designs, I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs build a web presence so that they can land their ideal clients, make more money, and reach their goals faster.

Jennifer Lyker, WordPress Web Design Expert

Custom WordPress web design solutions

My websites are all custom-designed and hand-coded. This means that I’ll design and build your site to fit your business.

I don’t use templates or pre-built themes that miss the mark on functionality and aesthetics, so there is nothing to be reverse-engineered in order to work for you. That’s just a pain and usually ends up taking longer than building from scratch, and you still won’t end up with the site you REALLY want.

With me, everything is planned and designed with your end goals in mind from the very first time we speak.

When my work is done, yours will be easy!

I firmly believe that a website isn’t worth having if it’s a pain to update. I’ll teach you how to make changes to your new website without ever needing to understand a line of code.

I want you to feel comfortable using your site so it can be another useful tool in your empire-building arsenal.

There’s more to a website than code & graphics.

Sitting down to create a new homepage mockup is my FAVORITE THING. But I also love all the nitty-gritty nerdy stuff that goes beyond simply designing a great-looking website: things like mobile-compatibility testing, setting up website hosting, installing SSL certificates, upgrading WordPress plugins, and scheduling site backups.

My work isn't over after site launch.

I love building long-term relationships with my clients, and I’ve always got your back if you need anything. A few of my clients have been with me for 10+ years, and I am so proud of that. I consider myself part of their team, and I would love to be part of yours!

I can take care of the ongoing technical tasks that will keep your site functioning smoothly so you can focus on running your business.

Who I am + how I got here

I live in Pittsburgh PA with three goofball kids and my husband of 15 years. I love chocolate, procrastinating on washing dishes, a good To-Do List, and binge-watching television shows (Gilmore Girls! Sons of Anarchy! The Walking Dead! Friends! Justified! I could go on…)

I started hand-coding websites as a hobby in college, when I probably should have been studying for my bio and chemistry classes. I had always excelled in science so that’s what I chose as my focus when I entered college, but really, I longed to be creative. While in school, I enrolled in a drawing and painting course as an elective, and then a pottery class. I remember doodling in my notes during science lectures, making drawings of the pots and bowls I wanted to make next! I also took a computer programming class, which I loved just as much. But, not wanting to start over again in a new major, I stayed on my original track and graduated with a BS in Biology. I worked in research for a few years, but something wasn’t right. I needed to be making things, not working in laboratory.

Jennifer Lyker, WordPress Web Designer

So in 2004, I declared myself a web designer. I compiled a small portfolio of my work and was hired by a local design agency where I honed both my technical and project management skills. A year later my freelance workload was growing and I needed more than just evenings and weekends to keep up. That’s when I left full-time employment behind and turned Inksplash Designs into a WordPress web design agency that serves business owners who want to make an impact online.

I would love to work with you!

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